Dizengoff Audio LD1948

Dizengoff Audio LD1948

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The LD1948 is a large diaphragm FET microphone that combines the spirit of classic British and German microphones of the 1960’s and 1970’s with technology created right here in Chicago.

The LD1948 uses a 26mm cardioid pattern capsule, and pairs it with a classic Schoeps-style FET circuit.  The audio performance has a size, dimension, and off-axis behavior that will impress you.

In addition, the LD1948 makes use of an output transformer style found in the British microphones of the 1970’s.  Unlike the British designs, the LD1948 uses a transformer core material developed right here in Chicago. It gives the LD1948 a quality that’s clear and revealing, yet it has a richness and unique nuance not found in other microphones.

These are limited to 200 units for 2019-2020.

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