About Dizengoff Audio

Dizengoff Audio is a concept I created in 2011, when I owned Black Lion Audio.  I named it after one of my favorite neighborhoods in one of my favorite cities.  At the time, we were modifying and building gear for some of the biggest names in the music industry--Mutt Lange, Butch Walker, Alison Krauss, Tony Maserati, Mike Shipley, and lots of other folks too.  We primarily focused ourselves on digital audio, but I wanted a brand that could be used as a way to produce various clones of vintage recording gear.

My goal was to build limited runs of boutique style recording studio equipment that were priced just like mass-market designs. I chose the same components that were used in the expensive stuff, plus a few technology tweaks. I wanted to build unique recreations of classics that had a Chicago-inspired twist.

I did this because I like sharing nice gear with people who don’t have a giant budget. While that might sound like a nice thing, it actually goes against normal human psychology, because people almost never associate good with cheap. Ha.

The first Dizengoff Audio design was the B173, which eventually became Black Lion Audio's B173 preamp (after I sold BLA).

In 2014 I built a copy of EMI’s REDD47 mic preamp (the D4). I received flack from EMI for doing this, which surprised me because I thought they were bankrupt. I produced 480 units, about 280 more than I originally promised myself I’d build.

In 2015 I built a copy of the Federal AM864 varimu compressor. There are 200 units out there in the wild.

In 2016 I built a copy of RCA’s BA2C. 200 units exist, many of them went to Japan.

In 2017 I took a break. I took some time to study DSP, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and FPGA programming for finance. Also I started winding my own transformers. Oh, and I taught myself Python programming language, too.

In 2019 and 2020, I’ve returned to build some more, because I love designing and building gear. I’ve decided to make a few DSP based effects modules in 500 series format. I’ve also created a technology that enhances microphone diaphragm performance and reduces the need to ‘grade’ capsules. So I’ve designed some microphones. Hopefully people enjoy them. They’re limited to 200 units each.