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The New Chicago Sound.

We are Dizengoff Audio, home of the new Chicago sound.  

We love to build affordable tributes to classic recording gear based on the original circuitry, but with a Chicago-inspired twist.

That means we source as much of our materials from right here in Chicago as we possibly can--from our Peerless and EMI-inspired signal transformers to our power transformers, to our enclosures and knobs.

We are currently sold out of all products. New 500 compatible modules are coming soon!

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“I recently started using the DA2 mic pre. Very simple in its design and ergonomic …The DA2 delivers a very sweet sound...It is a winner”
— Ross Hogarth (Selena Gomez, Flogging Molly, Van Halen)
The [DA2’s] sound is definitely good—and vibey...
— Ari Raskin (, Justin Bieber, Kid Cudi) for Sonic Scoop
...powerhouse based on the British tube consoles of the ‘60s made famous by The Beatles and Pink Floyd. Although the inspiration comes from decades away and another continent, the production is all modern and all Chicago.
“Dizengoff pays homage to this home-grown classic by nailing the American tube sound of the era: warm and smooth, with a tasty punch in the lower mids. And if you dig fat bass that sits beautifully in the track, you’ll be very pleased when you plug into the DA2’s front-panel DI jack.
...we’re quite impressed with the Dizengoff Audio DA2’s sonic performance and value.”

The D4 is amazing! Clean and powerful.My new “go to” pre. Vintage old school sound for the modern studio.
— Ryan T. -Studio Ten23/WuLi Records
“I’m loving the D4. I have been playing around with it on overheads, sampled drums, vocals so far with various microphones. It sounds lovely clean or really overdriving everything I tried it on. But it always stays creamy and warm.”
— DJ
These D864’s are absolutely amazing!!! It’s really got some serious glue and I’m pushing it pretty hard...So clean, but it gives a nice smokey sound and just enough girth. Wouldn’t trade these for anything.
— Chris
“Wow! This pre is the truest sounding pre I’ve ever used. Yes it has color. But the midrange is so honest and silky it makes me have to tune these drums better.”
— Jonathan
“I’m blown away by the sound [of the D864]. On bass and vocals, and for certain types of singers, I like it better than the Gates Sta-Level”
— Tony
Hi, Bought a D4 two weeks ago (at Studio Guys), and we made our first recordings last week, in a five-day session. Vocals are outstanding. Really. I don’t how the D4 does it (I’m not very technical), and to be honest I don’t care. Results count, and they’re excellent. That bit of raw edge on the voice really does it. Thought it would be nice to let you know. Kind regards from Amsterdam.
— Maarten
Beautiful! This [D864] is a very powerful device. From subtle, velvety smoothness to aggressive ragged-edged push. What strikes me most is how it magnifies tone. Its use on bass is undeniable. I’m able to toughen up a less-than-energetic performance, thicken up an otherwise flaccid-sounding bass, and help surface its presence in a mix.

On vocals, it’s like a secret weapon. I often work vocal levels very hard to tape as my clients often like a vintage Stax-style sound. This thing lets me get that saturation without having to track it that way. It also can smooth and thicken a thin vocal quality. It’s making me break out mics I never use due to their transparency....C414, U87, and a few other condensers that lack color...just drop in a D864 and there it is!

Capital work, Sir. It’s already my favorite compressor.
— Jack, Watch City Studios
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